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Explore your passions, follow your dreams and gain skills that help you level up your career. Our University provides you complete support and creates an environment where you will love to learn. With our state-of-the-art online education management system, we are creating fantastic platform for you learn and develop yourself. We will change your future and set you in the right direction towards a rewarding career and job you always wanted – with our industry focused course curriculum.

Whether you are starting or continuing your journey, we will help you get there! Students from all over the world prefer studying online at our University because our courses are developed by industry professionals, scholars and leaders. As soon as you have completed your degree program at Olford Mount University, you are ready to join the job market and follow your career path. We are fully committed to provide you complete support in every step, even beyond graduation.

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Scholarship Program & Financial Aid

Olford Mount offers scholarships, on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice

  • 20,000 students supported
  • $7M+ worth of scholarship grants