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Online occupational safety and fire sciences program provides students with complete flexible, relevant and industry responsive curriculum that includes opportunities for students to demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge in safety and health theory. As an occupational safety and fire sciences program student, you will learn about the latest technology necessary to function at the safety and health professional level in diverse industries. By the end of this program, you will be able to apply safety theory, analyze workplaces to identify hazards, formulate strategies to mitigate hazards and develop team based approaches to reduce occupational hazardous accidents.

Key features of our online programs:

  • Small classes that allow for more personal guidance and attention
  • Flexible online study format that allows you study at your preferred time & location
  • Complete access to online study resource and materials that help you learn
  • An array of courses and majors to choose from
  • Convenient online course work that allows you to fulfill career & family obligations

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