The object of Art is
to Give Life Shape
– William Shakespeare

School of Performing Arts

Online performing arts program provides you an excellent opportunity to learn about the theatre history, performance of classical and modern texts, contemporary and avant-garde texts, musical theatre, circus techniques, and a vast array of movement techniques designed to create whole and versatile performers. As a student of performing arts, here you will learn how to thrive in an industry that requires acute technical skills, fresh creative vision and a knack for working as a team and as an individual. This program will open your mind to new perspectives, harness diverse creative approaches and develop you as a well-rounded artist.

Key features of our online programs:

  • Small classes that allow for more personal guidance and attention
  • Flexible online study format that allows you study at your preferred time & location
  • Complete access to online study resource and materials that help you learn
  • An array of courses and majors to choose from
  • Convenient online course work that allows you to fulfill career & family obligations

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