More than 90% of our students
receive some form of financial aid

Financing Your Education

We know that financial planning for your education is of the utmost importance. You want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. We are committed to help you find ways to meet, manage and reduce your education costs through a variety of financing and payment options. You have an array of options available to finance you education at Olford Mount University. Our University is dedicated to enroll thousands of students each year regardless of a student’s financial need.

You need more tools to advance and succeed in your career, but most importantly affordable and quality education are the key elements. We are committed to bringing our knowledge to you. Our online programs are accredited, high quality and career-focused with complete flexibility and convenience to study at your own pace. Our program tuition fee remains highly competitive, offering the same quality of education you take on-campus, in almost half the cost.

Financial Plans That Fit Your Needs and Goals

We know you have made an important decision with a big investment. We have got you covered with high quality academic curriculum, international faculty, dedicated academic support and generous ways of financing your education. Our support doesn’t ends when you graduate. You will receive tuition discount if you choose to continue your academic journey further.

Pay as you go

Pay per module as you progress
through your degree is the best way to
reduce financial burden.

Pay in installments

Pay your total program tuition
fee in two easy installments to
manage your finances.

Pay at once

If you plan to pay your total
program fee at once, you will get
further reductions.

Alumni discounts

If you further plan to continue
your higher education, you
will receive discounts.

Veterans Benefits

Educational benefits for veterans
and their family members to make
career transition.

Student Referal

On every successful student referal
you will be eligible to receive some
discount in your tuition fee.

I chose to study the graduate program in health sciences from this University because it's flexible and affordable. It’s also got a great online learning format. And I love the fact that academic advisors here provide the best academic and career direction.

Patrtick Jackson

Batch 2016
School of Health Sciences