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International Scholarship Program

Each year our University offer students an excellent opportunity to receive International Scholarship Grants, the highest possible financial support. International Scholarship program is a university funded program that recognizes the academic achievements of distinguished students, offering them awards and grants to pursue higher education. Our University collaborates with government, private donors, employers and other affiliates to raise funds for this scholarship program. International Scholarship program attracts a number of students who are otherwise unable to achieve their academic and career goals.

Applicants for the Presidential Scholarship program are evaluated on a comprehensive review of his/her academic records and course selection. This program is essential to bridging the gap between higher education and employment.

A scholarship is a great way to help
you pay for your educational expenses.

Our international scholarship program enables students with limited financial means to study online and complete their degree program. Thereby allowing students to gain skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers. Our purpose is to promote education and achieve shared prosperity through investing in education and development of professionals all over the world.

International scholarship program is open for all students who enroll for our degree, diploma and certificate program.


Hear what our students have to say about international scholarship program

This scholarship program helped ease the financial burden of education and allowed me to place all my focus on becoming future business leader. Thank you for the financial support, which is very much appreciated, and know that it will not be wasted.

With this scholarship, I am a step closer to complete my degree online. I am honored to become a part of this distinguished university. I will work hard to make sure that you feel that you have made a wise decision in selecting me as one of your students. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of the leading online universities in the world. Again, thank you for your generosity.

International scholarship program made my higher education dream come true. I am and always will be grateful of the University to provide me this opportunity to complete my graduate program. Your philanthropy has expanded the options available for me in the industry as a professional in the field of engineering. I couldn’t have certainly done it without your help!

I am overwhelmed with the opportunity this scholarship program gave me. I cannot express how amazing it feels to complete your online master’s degree in health sciences. Receiving this scholarship was a dream come true otherwise I couldn’t have afforded to study.


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